Japan Disaster Appeal for Babies

We are trying to support babies affected by the Japan quake from UK.
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# Our Objective


Our hearts and prayers go out to all the victims of the earthquake and tsunami.

We are a group of Japanese mothers living in the UK – our objective is to support those mothers and babies affected by the disaster.
Although we have made donations through Red Cross Japan, we are unable to share the pain of those living in Japan, and we can’t join in the relief efforts by volunteering in the affected region, cutting back on our consumption of electricity and water, or contributing to Japan’s economic recovery.

But there is something we can do…
In the affected area of Japan, many mothers are struggling to feed their babies as there is a shortage of bottled water, powdered milk, and electricity to boil water. Breastfeeding is of course best, but it is not always easy, especially under such stressful conditions, as stress can decrease the supply of breast milk. It is also easier to get sick living in evacuation shelters.
Ready-made milk, which is widely used in the UK, is not available in Japan. We initially started a project to send this milk to Japan but marketing restrictions meant it was difficult to receive support from UK milk companies. However, we heard that a group of mothers from Finland had managed to send ready-made milk to Japan. We have also learnt that the Japanese government is receiving a large supply of ready-made milk from overseas.
We then thought that disposable feeding bottles, which are also not available in Japan, could be very helpful. About a week ago we heard that healthcare professionals are suggesting that mothers use paper cups instead of feeding bottles in order to avoid infectious diseases. It is extremely difficult to sterilise feeding bottles at a shelter due to the shortage of clean water and electricity. Using paper cups is not as simple as it sounds – about 30% of the contents get spilled and there is limited access to clean, dry clothes.

We heard that there is already a bottle maker working for the same purpose, but more are definitely needed in this disastrous situation.
We contacted various bottles makers in the UK, and Vital Baby (http://www.vitalbaby.co.uk/) has promised to donate 4,000 disposable feeding bottles (http://www.vitalbaby.co.uk/types/nurture/4-single-use-sterile-feeding-bottles-240ml-medium-flow.html). We are purchasing an additional 6,000.
We will be sending a total of 10,000 disposable feeding bottles to the affected area in Northern Japan.

We hope that ready-made milk and disposable feeding bottles will be available to buy in Japan in the near future.

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